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Kristal Kamera Short Film Competition is organized with the goals listed below:

• to encourage and invite short film afficionados to produce successful and impressive works

• to support the future of Turkish cinema in a positive and sustainable manner

• to help the industry discover new producers and directors


• The competition to be organized by Marmara Forum is open to every single university student.


• The competition is open to all "ORIGINAL" short films.

• Works that stretch moral factors beyond limits or that may instill harmful and negative opinions to the society will be disqualified.

• There is no thematic restriction in the competition.

• The competition is open to everyone as already stated in the scope section above.

• Competitors may participata in the competition with three works in maximum.

• Where the work(s) have competed or were awarded in a national or international competition in the past, this will not be a reason to disqualify it/ them.

• All copyrights arising from non-original texts, scores, etc in the short film to be sent to the competition shall be under the competitor's resposibility. Any legal liability arising in this respect shall be borne by the work owner. Marmara Forum and its solution partners may not be legally held liable for such copright issues.

• Films that pass pre-selection stage shall be announced in Marmara Forum and posted at www.kristalkamerakisafilm.com.

• Copies will have a picture and sound quality qualifie enough for the release. Works that do not conform to the specification and are faultily recorded will be disqualified from the competition without any further notice.

• The competition participation form and specification should be signed by a single person, who should be the work's legal owner. Regardless of how many people contribute to the filming of the work, the prize will be only given to legal owner of the film who has signed all documents. Moreover, whether or not all information in the said document is true shall be binding for the legal owner only, Legal liability that may arise from such information shall be borne by the legal owner of the work.

• Works sent for the competition and the media on which they are recorded shall be in no event returned regardless of the outcome.

• Associate, graduate, master's and doctor's degree students as well as new graduates who have graduated in the last two years prior to the competition may participate in the competition.


• Pre-selection shall be made by jury voting out of three films.

• Categories shall be "Original". They shall be voted as the only category,

• Pre-selected films will be announced in Marmara Forum and at www.kristalkamerakisafilm.com.

• Jury decision is binding and is in no event subject to change. However, the entire liability that may arise from the fact that the competing work is a quotation and/ or plagiarized shall be borne by the contestant. In case such a situation arises, the relevant short film shall be banned from the competition, If this is discovered after the competition, the prize shall be claimed back even if it was given to the contestant. Marmara Forum and its solution partners may be in no event held liable for this situation in legal terms.

• Jury evaluation shall be strictly subject to confidentiality principle.